Krishi Vigyan Kendra - Imphal West

Krishi Vigyan Kendra - Imphal West

Indian Council of Agricultural Research Complex for NEH Region

Manipur Center, Lamphelpat, Imphal

Krishi Vigyan Kendra - Imphal West

Success stories : 2013-2014

Success Story Of Oyster Mushroom Cultivation

Mushroom cum spawn productionName of the grower : Shri. Konthoujam Sanaton Singh
Father’s Name : (L) K. Bidhu Singh
Family size : 5 members (2 sons & 1 daughter)
Address : Konthoujam Makha Leikai
District : Imphal West
Block : Haorang Sabal
State : Manipur
Production unit : M/s Sana Leibak Mushroom Farm
(Mushroom cum spawn production)

Shri Konthoujam Sanaton Singh, 50 Yrs. (M) is a matriculate. He was motivated by one adopted farmer of KVK Imphal West. Being adoptive and laborious Shri Sanaton Singh started growing mushroom in 2007 with a mere 120 bags. Under the Horticulture Mission (MM-I), KVK took up one demonstration programme on Oyster mushroom cultivation and production unit. Drums, Sprayer, Tarpaulin, polythene sheets, polybags, polypropylene bags, master spawn, spawn, etc. were given as inputs.

He multiplied master spawn for his own use and the excess was sold out to other mushroom growers. His production capacity increased to 2800 bags at the end of 2013.
Mushroom cum spawn production    Mushroom cum spawn production
Mushroom cum spawn production

1.  Present status of the Farmer

Production capacity:2800 bags/year
Cropping room:2 kuccha houses with CGI roofing with hanging method using rope
No. of cropping:4 cropping/year
No. of chaff cutter:1 (one) Electric operator
Laminar flow:1 (one) Local make
Straw:Abundant stock
a.  Summer:3 cropping with short duration varieties of Pleurotus eous, P. flabellatus and local strain
Production:840-980 kg/1400 bags
Income:Rs. 67,200/-to 78,400/-@ Rs. 80/kg of fresh mushroom at wholesale rate
b.  Winter:1 cropping with P. ostreatus only
Production:1400 kg/1400 bags
Income:Rs. 1,12,000.00
Total income:Average income (a + b) = Rs. 1, 84,800.00

(Rs. 67,900/- cost of cultivation; Gross income Rs. 1, 84,800/-; Net return= 116900/- B.C ratio is 1.72)

Mushroom cum spawn production  Mushroom cum spawn production
Mushroom cum spawn production

He is totally involved in mushroom cultivation throughout the year and from this income he is maintaining his family including children’s education. He easily manages the financial requirements for his daughter’s study in 2nd year B.Sc Nursing at Bengaluru.

He extended training and guidance on mushroom cultivation to 4 farmers in his locality and neighboring villages.

His produce is marketed through wholesalers. Not only his produce but he also marketed the produce of his extended growers.

Success Story of Rice Seed Production

(Variety: RC Maniphou-10)

Seed production of riceName of the farmer : Shri Khaidem Mani Singh
Address : Loitang Khunou
District : Imphal West
Age : 54 Yrs. (M)
Land holding : 3.00 ha.

Seed production of rice is an impressive technology in North Eastern States because most of the farmers want to use good quality seeds but cannot afford the huge amount to buy seeds from markets and related sellers. On the another hand, due to problems of transportation facility, bad law and order situation and frequent blockades on the highways, seeds from outside the state are not available in time to the farmers but if the seeds are stocked with the farmers they can sow at their convenient time since farming depends solely on rain.

Shri Kh. Mani Singh is one of the progressive farmers of the KVK, Imphal West. He can read and write Manipuri language only and belongs to Meitei community. He is a devoted farmer, a hard worker as well as a good learner of the demonstrated technology. Under the Participatory Seed Production Programme of ICAR Seed Project, ICAR Manipur Centre, KVK, Imphal West SMS, Plant Breeder initiated 3.00 ha of land under seed production programme. His field is suitable for seed production because of the compact area and isolated situation away from other rice fields. Seed, fertilizers, plant protection chemicals and conoweeder were given as inputs. He has sown rice seed of rice variety RC Maniphou-10 on 20th June, 2013 as main kharif crop and transplanted after 20 days. Spacing for transplantation was maintained at 30 cm x 10 cm in line. All the agronomic practices were followed and no weedicide was used in the crop. Shri Kh. Mani Singh alone could weed one sangam (¼ of 1.00 ha) with the use of conoweeder in the morning hours (6 am to 10 am) and save a huge amount of labour expenses for weeding the field.

Seed production of rice   Seed production of rice

Seed production of rice
Seed production of rice

He could harvest a yield of 16 tons from 3.00 ha of land and after winnowing, drying and saved seeds for next season he could get 15.5 tons. At the harvest season, ICAR Manipur Centre bought from him the yield @Rs.20/kg. Thus, he got an income of Rs. 3, 10,000.00. Generally in Manipur the cost of rice cultivation per hectare is approximately Rs. 40,000.00. In this way he earned a profit of Rs.1,90,000.00 ( Rs.3,10,000 – 1,20,000 = 1,90,000/- and BC ratio is 1.58).

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